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Migrants from Kyrgyzstan enter top 3 in terms of their number in Russia

Since 2019, the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia began to account the number of foreign citizens entering the country for work. RBC reports.

In the first half of 2019, at least 2.4 million foreigners said they had arrived in Russia for work, the vast majority of them came from the CIS countries.

Uzbekistan took the first place in the first half of 2019. About 918,000 people have arrived in Russia from this country for work. Tajikistan takes the 2nd place with 523,900 people, which is followed by Kyrgyzstan with 265,000 people, Ukraine — 164,600 people, Kazakhstan — 105,300 migrants.

In total, in January — June of this year, more than 15 million foreigners arrived in Russia, taking into account all the purposes of the trip (business, work, tourism, study, transit travel, permanent residence, vehicle attendants).