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Kazakhstan plans to impose ban on export of fuel and lubricants by road

Kazakhstan plans to impose a temporary ban on the export of gasoline outside the country by road. A draft of the relevant order has been published on Open Regulatory Legal Acts portal for public discussion. The Oil and Gas Information Agency reports.

«To introduce a ban on the export of oil products from the territory of Kazakhstan by motor vehicles with exception of cases of the export in gasoline tanks of motor vehicles, established in accordance with the technical specifications and in separate cisterns of not more than 20 liters for a period of six months,» the joint draft order of the Ministries of Energy, Finance, Internal Affairs and the National Security Committee says.

It is clarified that gasoline and diesel prices in Kazakhstan are lower than in neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Russia. There are facts of «washing out» of fuel and lubricants by a large flow of transit transport in the border regions of the republic, as well as by residents of neighboring border regions.

The large difference in retail prices for fuel and lubricants creates prerequisites for the emergence of various schemes for overflow of oil products produced in Kazakhstan to neighboring states.