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Bishkek hosts forum of suppliers of goods and services for mining industry

Bishkek hosts a forum of suppliers of goods and services for mining industry. Instead of standard speeches and statements, it is held in an exhibition format in order suppliers and customers can find a common language.

«We are often approached by suppliers of goods and services in various sectors of the economy, especially in subsoil use, with a request to acquaint with local buyers in order to increase the level of local purchases. Therefore, we decided to do it in a new form, to bring everyone together — both suppliers and customers, and try to create an informal atmosphere in order they could meet each other during the day, establish contacts, make plans for the future and, perhaps, sign some agreements,» the Executive Director of the International Business Council Askar Sydykov told.

The forum brought together representatives of 10 largest mining companies in the country and 28 suppliers of goods and services.

In addition, there are about 100 visitors, who can tell everyone about their products. Representatives of the largest organization of the mining sector- Kumtor Gold Company — also came. Its President Daniel Desjardins explains the interest in the event by the fact that the company buys and repairs more and more equipment and spare parts at local enterprises.

«The company spends about $ 300 million on supplies annually. Every year we spend more and more within the republic. The event gives us the opportunity to study offers on the market. This is a good platform to get acquainted. In addition, there are other organizations that are present on the market. This allows supplier companies to directly meet potential partners and establish contacts,» Daniel Desjardins said.

There are also unusual companies at the forum, for example, engaged in disposal of industrial waste and production of secondary raw materials, the largest suppliers of special equipment, insurers. Managers of enterprises come, get interested and, without delays, begin to establish contacts and are looking for opportunities for cooperation.

The forum is open to everyone. We hope that it will help increase local purchases.

Askar Sydykov

«In addition, we hope that projects can be implemented in other areas of the economy, not only in the mining sector. We plan to organize similar forums for other industries,» the Executive Director of the International Business Council summed up.