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Import of goods to Kyrgyzstan without certificates reduces by 90 percent

Thanks to the work of mobile groups, the import and export of quarantineable products without phytosanitary certificates has decreased by more than 90 percent. The Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan reported.

In February 2019, the Parliament adopted a resolution on accounting of goods within trade with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), as well as prevention of smuggling of goods into the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Mobile phytosanitary groups were formed for execution of the document.

«At least 15 phytosanitary control points at the customs border of the EEU employ 38 people, and mobile groups near checkpoints — 11 people. The groups were formed in March 2019 and have already demonstrated high efficiency in combating border violations. In addition, a targeted information campaign is being conducted near the checkpoints,» the Ministry of Economy stressed.

The most common violations are the lack of a phytosanitary certificate in import and export of products and violations in labeling of quarantineable products.

«The main quarantineable cargoes are food grain, flour, timber, bananas, citrus fruits, fodder (barley, corn),» the message says.