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Kyrgyzstan at concentrated stage of HIV epidemic

«Kyrgyzstan is at a concentrated stage of HIV epidemic,» Umut Chokmorova, head of the Republican AIDS Center at the Ministry of Health, said at a press conference today.

According to her, this means that more than a certain set threshold of HIV-infected among key populations is registered in the country. However, HIV prevalence in pregnant women is below 1 percent.

«Since the introduction of new HIV testing methods, 162,000 representatives of key populations have been tested. At least 950 people with HIV were detected among them. And the campaign in the markets of Bishkek, which was carried out last week, is a method for the early detection of HIV-infected. This is a normal process. We will continue to hold similar campaigns,» Umut Chokmorova told.

Recall, five HIV-infected people were detected within four hours in markets of the capital last week.