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Kyrgyzstan seeks for replacement of donor funds for HIV and TB prevention

In 2021, international donors will stop financing of programs for prevention of HIV, tuberculosis and other socially significant diseases. The state is faced with the task of finding funds for their support. Executive Director of Sotsium NGO Batma Estebesova told at an offsite press conference of 24.kg news agency.

According to her, state funds are not enough for all the tasks, so it is necessary to look for alternative sources within the country. These are, for example, local governments, which through social orders can support harm reduction programs.

«The health care budget falls apart at the seams. Regions have good practices in this regard. When there is little money, there is an opportunity to receive support from the funds of local authorities,» she stressed.

Batma Estebesova added that it was necessary to optimize the budget.