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Deputies propose 100,000 soms fines for a number of traffic violations

Parliament deputies propose to increase the size of fines for more dangerous violations of the rules of the road. Leader of Onuguu-Progress faction Bakyt Torobaev announced at its meeting.

According to him, to regulate the situation on the roads of the country, the faction proposes to make changes to the Code of Violations.

«We do not agree with the opinion of the need to reduce the size of fines. We propose to tighten the conditions for violations of the rules of the road,» the MP said.

The faction proposes adding penalties of the 9th and 10th categories to the Code for the most socially dangerous violations.

Fines of the 9th category will amount to 500 calculated rates (50,000 soms) for individuals and for legal entities — 750 calculated rates (75,000 soms).

Fines of the 10th category will amount to 1,000 calculated rates (100,000 soms) for individuals, for legal entities — 1,500 calculated rates.

The project proposes to raise the penalty for fake state number plates from 10,000 soms to 100,000 soms, for legal entities — up to 150,000 soms.

As for auto hooliganism, they propose to fine not under the 4th category, but under the 9th: individuals — 50,000 soms, legal entities — 75,000 soms.

Deputies also propose to confiscate property in case of repeated bringing to responsibility for driving being intoxicated, under the influence of narcotic drugs, psychotropic and other intoxicating substances.