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Parents punish their children by blows to face, body and legs in Kyrgyzstan

A Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) revealed what punishment children are subjected to in Kyrgyzstan.

According to the report, only non-violent disciplining methods are applied to 23 percent of children. At the same time, the proportion of children subjected to violent forms of punishment increases with age. At least 70 percent of children experienced psychological pressure, 74.3 percent — any violent method of disciplining.

The proportion of mothers who consider physical punishment as necessary is 8.9 percent.

The UNICEF report clarifies what is physical punishment: shaking, beating or slapping child’s hands, arms or legs, beating at the bum cheeks or other parts of the body with a hard object, slapping on the face, head or ears, strong and systematic beatings. Psychological aggression is to shout at the child, and also call him or her abusive words, such as «stupid» or «lazy.»

The survey covered more than 7,000 households in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, and field studies were conducted in September — November 2018. The MICS was conducted by the National Statistical Committee with technical support from UNICEF.