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Kyrgyzstan to revise requirements for religious educational institutions

Requirements for religious educational institutions will be revised in Kyrgyzstan. The State Commission for Religious Affairs initiated the changes.

Sharp increase in the number of religious organizations was accompanied by a shortage of trained clergy personnel and teachers of theological disciplines. The number of religious educational institutions of various levels has increased, the number of students enrolled in them has increased significantly, and religious education abroad has also become commonplace.

The relevant agency recognizes that the classification of educational institutions has not been developed, the quality of the education provided in them leaves much to be desired.

Religious education is proposed to be divided into three levels — secondary, higher (bachelor, master, doctoral) and courses. All levels of religious education will have to undergo certification for compliance with the minimum requirements, such as educational documentation, provision of educational materials, the availability of a first-aid post, a canteen, and so on.

Their curriculum should include compulsory learning of general subjects.