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President: Memory of immense feat of our fathers will be preserved forever

«Memory of the immense feat of our fathers and grandfathers has remained and will remain in our hearts forever,» the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov said at a meeting-requiem today.

According to him, Victory Day is a holiday of fortitude, patriotism and unity of the people. May 9 is a day of common pride, a day of joy with tears in eyes. It is of particular importance for the fraternal peoples of the former Soviet Union, who stood shoulder to shoulder to defend their homeland.

«Human sacrifices, immeasurable hardships and sufferings, mass heroism and valor of the soldiers were crowned with success. Tireless work on the home front, the unity and steadfastness of the people of the Soviet Union contributed to the victory,» Sooronbai Jeenbekov stressed.

At the cost of their own lives, our fathers and grandfathers gave us the opportunity to live free and independent. Our people won a complete and brilliant victory over the most powerful, merciless enemy. All the horror of that war is over.

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

«Look how many young people march today in Immortal Regiment through the streets of our cities with portraits of their grandfathers, whose fate was broken by the war, but it did not break their will. So, the memory of the dead is alive and continues to live among us. The example of fathers and grandfathers obliges us to new challenges, to achieve new heights for the good of the Fatherland,» the head of state summed up.