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Aida Ismailova: State has not created decent conditions for the Pamir Kyrgyz

«Some members of the former government simply promoted themselves by bringing the Pamir Kyrgyz to the country, but did nothing for them,» deputy Aida Ismailova said at a meeting of the Parliament today.

She traveled to Naryn region, where she met with the ethnic Kyrgyz who resettled in the region in 2017. The deputy is sure that the state failed to create decent conditions for the small group of the people. In total, 50 people from 11 families came to Kyrgyzstan. The main problem for them now is the lack of permanent place of residence, work and the inability to obtain Kyrgyz citizenship.

«Initially, the Cabinet decided to bring the children for study. Parents came with them. Now the responsible state agency in the field of migration is refusing. They say they did not promise anything, especially since they are citizens of Afghanistan. But the ethnic Kyrgyz, returnees, have the right to obtain citizenship in urgent manner. Why can’t they obtain it for two years? Why are they sent to Bishkek? How can a person go there and draw up documents if they do not know the city, and simply do not have money?» Aida Ismailova asked.

She said that nobody was interested in the status of the Pamir Kyrgyz. «They wander around, and humanitarian aid continues to come. The state even announced a tender and bought furniture and household appliances for them. Maybe, they need housing first? There are no guarantees for the returnees today. Why were they brought then?» the deputy said.