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New Kyrgyzstan’s codes violate labor rights of women with children and PWDs

New codes of Kyrgyzstan violate the labor rights of women with children and people with disabilities (PWDs). Active trade unionists of the power sector made such a conclusion after studying the laws.

In their opinion, it is possible to dismiss an employee without taking into account his or her rights and interests. «The abolition of the previous codes severely limited the ability to protect workers and their representatives from the arbitrariness of employers. For example, under new codes, an employer is not responsible for unreasonable refusal to hire a pregnant woman or a woman with a child up to three years old. There is no responsibility for violation of the rights of persons with disabilities in setting additional tests for admission to work compared to other applicants,» the appeal says.

In addition, there is no responsibility for the delay of salaries, pensions, scholarships, allowances and other social benefits.

The appeal was sent to the deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan to amend the Criminal Code, Codes of Misconduct and Offences, and restore the criminal and administrative liability of employers for violation of the labor legislation.