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Jazz in Bishkek. Three Fall band from Germany performs in the capital

The 14th Bishkek International Festival «Jazz_Bishkek_Spring» started the day before in the capital. JDin Band from Kyrgyzstan and Three Fall trio from Germany performed on the opening day.

JDin Band — a group of young people performing such major music genres as jazz, fusion and funk — is already known to the local public. The musicians have already participated in the Bishkek festival several times. But yesterday they surprised everyone with their performance together with komuz players. Although komuz players are frequent guests of such jazz concerts, listeners always warmly welcome them.

Three Fall trio are representatives of the young German jazz. They arrived in Bishkek from Osh and thanked its audience for very warm welcome.

«Three Fall, first of all, takes from jazz the freedom to do what they like, in order the roots of hip-hop, funk and reggae can be traced in their music,» organizers wrote about the band.

Their own compositions say that no one plays like Three Fall.

Composition: Lutz Streun — tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Til Schneider — trombone, Sebastian Winne — drums, percussion.

The festival will continue on April 19 and April 20.