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Sapar Isakov makes statement: Order comes from Sooronbai Jeenbekov

For the first time since his arrest, the former prime minister of Kyrgyzstan decided to make an open political statement. The text was distributed by the press service of SDPK.

According to Sapar Isakov, the results of an investigation and the beginning of the trial on the modernization of the Bishkek’s Heating and Power Plant convincingly prove exclusively political and ordered nature of this fabricated criminal case.

«The people who are really guilty of the breakdown at the HPP and preparing it for the autumn-winter period of 2017-2018, who have carried out poor-quality repairs at the old sections of the heating plant, hide behind the accusations and fulfill the political order that comes from the President Sooronbai Jeenbekov and his pseudo-advisers» he says.

Sapar Isakov called the charges baseless.

«Instead of analysis of the causes of the breakdown and work to eliminate them, we observe completely absurd actions of the authorities laying the blame on someone else,» the former head of government said.

The indictment presented to me is completely devoid of legal basis and is a mixture of political populism and near-legal «cheating.»

Sapar Isakov

«The procedural and other violations made during the investigation discredit the law enforcement system and become vivid examples of the lack of professionalism of the investigation and the supervisory authorities. In the criminal case, there was not and there is not a single proof of the charges brought against us on the signed agreement on the modernization of the Bishkek HPP,» the letter says.

The ex-prime minister noted that in January 2018, during and immediately after the breakdown, the government headed by him took emergency measures to eliminate malfunctions, resume the supply of heating and mitigate the negative consequences for citizens.

We did not set the previous Cabinet of Sooronbai Jeenbekov up, who worked almost until September 2017 and had to ensure the completion of the basic work on the preparation for the autumn-winter heating period of 2017-2018.

«In those days, the upgraded, that is, the newly built part of the heating and power plant helped Bishkek to withstand, which worked almost perfectly in conditions of the breakdown and anomalous frosts,» Sapar Isakov said.

«However, we completely ignored the fact that the new hosts of the White House considered the breakdown as an opportunity to settle political scores, in particular with me. I can not judge what happened here: personal resentment or political intention, but the desire was immediately noticed as obvious, and from a certain time became undisguised. In order to divert attention from the true causes of the breakdown and shortcomings in the work of the previous government, the media began to actively exaggerate the topic of possible violations when concluding an agreement and implementing the project on modernization of the HPP,» he writes.

The former head of the Cabinet believes: the opinion that the breakdown at the HPP was due to modernization was stubbornly imposed on society, and no one wanted to hear the government’s comments that the breakdown occurred in the old part of the HPP.

Personally I was indiscriminately accused of lobbying the interests of a Chinese company, completely disregarding the fact that this company was chosen as the only executor of the project by the government of the PRC.

Sapar Isakov

«And that was the right of the Chinese government, since it financed the modernization project. The discussion of this issue in the Parliament and the subsequent criminal prosecution of officials related to the conclusion of the agreement on the modernization of the HPP of the capital became the height of cynicism and double standards. Admittedly, at that time we could not resist the frankly populist demagogy, pouring from official channels. People believed this lie. And still we believe that truth and justice will surely triumph sooner or later. After a year, it becomes apparent that the prosecution has not any real evidence of our guilt. All charges are fabricated. The indictment is more like a set of unsubstantiated speculation and hints, but not a legal document.

Jeenbekov’s PR specialists took advantage of the emotional state of the people, which is easy for an inexperienced person to get into, especially when populist lies are replete with huge sums of money supposedly «stolen from the people,» the letter states.

Sapar Isakov also told that in order to dispel the myths imposed on society by the authorities, experts prepared a brief reference material that will allow any competent person to be convinced of the absurdity of the charges brought against them.

A year ago, I could not even imagine that I would be so slandered and accused of corruption. I was brought up by my parents and elders so that I hate bribe takers and corrupt officials.

Sapar Isakov

The former prime minister admitted that it was hard for him to realize that many people believed in the dirty lies that were spread by officials and pro-government media.

«I will fight in order the people of Kyrgyzstan to know the truth. I am an honest person and I will prove it at all costs. Because the truth is on my side,» the author of the letter summed up.

Sapar Isakov is accused of corruption in a criminal case on the modernization of the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant and is kept in the detention center of the State Committee for National Security.