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Kamchybek Tashiev ready to resume tandem with Omurbek Babanov

Former deputy of the Parliament Kamchybek Tashiev told about his meeting with the leader of Respublika party Omurbek Babanov at a press conference.

According to him, they discussed many issues, including the political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

«There are rumors that we are allegedly preparing a revolution with Babanov. This is not true, neither I nor Babanov have such a desire,» said Kamchybek Tashiev.

As the ex-deputy told, Omurbek Babanov will return to Kyrgyzstan in the coming days.

«Omurbek Babanov should return to the country. During the election, everybody said everything. His speech in Otuz-Adyr should be assessed by expertise. I have always said that we should not allow any ethnic groups to have opportunities for the division of the country,» said Kamchybek Tashiev.

According to him, Omurbek Babanov and he have no joint political plans.

«Our tandem did not fall apart. There is our party Respublika — Ata Zhurt. If necessary, we can continue its activities. But personally I have not yet decided whether I will participate in the parliamentary elections,» Kamchybek Tashiev stressed.