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Only 95 participants of the Great Patriotic War left in Bishkek

Only 95 participants of the Great Patriotic War live in Bishkek. Vice Mayor of the capital Tatyana Kuznetsova told 24.kg news agency.

As of April 1, at least 1,062 veterans of the Great Patriotic War are registered with Bishkek’s social security agencies, including 20 disabled people, 95 participants, 16 concentration camp prisoners, 11 Leningrad siege survivors, 81 home front workers with disabilities, 273 home front workers without disabilities, 155 widows of the disabled Great Patriotic War veterans, 407 widows of war veterans, three families of the passed away soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

In 2018, there were 1,229 war veterans in Bishkek, in 2017 — 1,498. As of May 9, 2018, at least 475 war veterans lived in Kyrgyzstan.