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Over 200 heavy trucks still wait in line on Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan border

More than 200 heavy trucks have accumulated on Kyrgyzstan — Kazakhstan border. Chairman of the Association of Domestic Producers Bakyt Degenbaev posted on Facebook.

According to him, drivers of heavy trucks have no hope for resolution of the situation.

«More than 200 heavy vehicles have accumulated on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. They stay there for more than a week. The drivers lost hope for resolution of this situation. We ask all managers to take urgent measures to resolve this situation, since it is close to a catastrophe. The budget has big losses. Small and medium businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy. This entails non-fulfillment of contracts, fines and other numerous financial and image losses,» said Bakyt Degenbaev.

The head of the Association of Manufacturers noted that not a single official was noticed at the border. He asks Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev to take the situation under personal control.

Recall, congestion on Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border formed on March 19. Kazakhstan introduced additional checks by the veterinary and tax authorities. A week later, officials said that work on resolving the situation was conducted at the level of the two governments. However, the government, including the Prime Minister, still does not comment on the situation.