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SDPK activists report interregional hostility

SDPK Spokesperson Kunduz Zholdubaeva told 24.kg news agency that she and other supporters of the ex-President Almazbek Atambayev, who had come to a party conference to Jalal-Abad, were threatened and said to «get out of the south.»

According to her, some people approached them and demanded from her and other party activists to leave.

«They tried to disrupt the party conference, where we select delegates for the Bishkek congress. But the most surprising thing is that the police officers did not take any measures to prevent attacks. Therefore, we went to the Suzak police station and wrote a statement. It was accepted. We pointed to provocative shouts and regional segregation,» Kunduz Zholdubaeva.

She noted that party activists considered it as direct pressure to disrupt the SDPK’s territorial party conferences and the party congress, which is to be held in Bishkek on April 6.