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Agreement on marking of goods enters into force in EEU

An agreement on marking of goods by identification means, signed by the heads of government of the countries of the Union in Almaty on February 2, 2018, came into force in the Eurasian Economic Union. The Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

«The document is of a framework nature, which allows making flexible decisions on the use of marking in relation to not a narrow list of goods, but an expanded range of products,» commented Veronika Nikishina, member of the EEC Board (Minister) on trade.

The main objective of the agreement is unification of the process of marking goods by machine-readable and mutually readable signs throughout the union.

Now, before introducing a marking on its territory, a state should submit a proposal for a particular product for consideration by all countries of the union. Within three months, the commission considers the proposal and makes a decision. The EEC determines all the technical and procedural steps for introduction of marking of a new product.

If the decision is not taken by consensus, then two or more countries may introduce marking in their territories in accordance with national legislation, but using the general principles set in the agreement. Other countries can join them as they become ready.

The information interaction of countries with each other is possible through the EEC integration information system.

«Digital marking allows to trace marked product and its entire life cycle. Such a mechanism gives certain advantages to business. In particular, in addition to streamlining documents, speeding up and simplifying the processes of interaction with the state, it helps to increase the competitiveness of bona fide entrepreneurs and reduce the risks of deals with unscrupulous market actors,» stated Veronika Nikishina.

The norms laid down in the document will make it possible to strengthen control over the circulation of goods in EEU, thereby minimizing the gray turnover. Consumers will receive a guarantee that the purchased goods are legal.