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Vladimir Putin: We need to coordinate positions and develop joint plans

«We need to coordinate our positions and develop joint plans for cooperation,» Russian President Vladimir Putin said today during the 8th Interregional Kyrgyz-Russian conference.

According to him, the topic of cooperation in the line of regions was discussed in detail during the negotiations. «Cooperation has been established with 71 regions of Russia. I can feel business mood of the two countries to work together constructively. Over 800 delegates from 18 Russian regions attended the 8th interregional conference,» the head of Russia said.

«I consider the topic of discussion — new horizons of interaction and cooperation­ - as relevant and important­­­. The advantages of integration into the EEU are obvious, especially since the GDP growth rates are the most intensive. I would like to stress that development is promoted by the development of regional potential. Integration also stimulates investment development. Cooperation is enhanced by the Eurasian Bank, which helps with the reconstruction of the Bishkek-Osh road. Great opportunities are opening up in the field of tourism. The beaches of Issyk-Kul are popular among tourists from the Siberian and Ural regions,» Vladimir Putin stressed.