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Russian retailers interested in supply of stone fruits from Kyrgyzstan

«We will significantly increase the supply of stone fruits from Kyrgyzstan in the summer of this year,» Maxim Novikov, Director General of RVI Russian Venture Investments, said today during a business breakfast.

According to him, the company has a positive experience of cooperation with Kyrgyz entrepreneurs. So far, it will be small volumes of supplies to large retail chains of Russia. But in the future, Russian business plans to increase the volumes.

«We had certain barriers and bans, but they were removed in February 2019. We will develop the supply of beef. We hope that soon our partner will be added to the register of authorized enterprises for the import of products into the Russian Federation. We start with small shipments. But there is potential — about 15,000 tons of meat. Unique natural conditions play an important role. We are also interested in crop production, potatoes, stone fruits. We want to develop direct contracts with Kyrgyz partners,» Maxim Novikov told.