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Kyrgyzstan and Russia to create joint ventures for production of sugar

Koshoi and Kaindy-Kant Kyrgyz plants, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Russian company Prodimpex signed a memorandum of cooperation. The ceremony took place within the framework of the 8th Kyrgyz-Russian Interregional Conference.

Dmitry Piskunov, Deputy General Director of Prodimex Company, noted that Russia was interested in Kyrgyzstan primarily because of the republic’s participation in the Eurasian Economic Union. Thanks to cooperation with Kyrgyz factories, Russians are hoping to protect the union market from cheap sugar from India and Brazil. Russia is ready to invest in modernization of Kyrgyz plants.

«Creation of a joint venture is necessary to ensure investment, development and modernization in order to produce high-quality sugar. In addition, it is planned to deliver it not in bags, but create packaging, small packages. We have financial resources for such investments, and local producers are ready for them. They are infrastructure-ready, have a clear management system, share ownership and raw material base. Practical measures will begin next year,» added Dmitry Piskunov.