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Government of Kyrgyzstan approves regulation on media registration

Government of Kyrgyzstan has approved a regulation on procedure for registration of mass media and keeping the State Mass Media Register. The decree was signed by the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev.

By the document, the Ministry of Justice was instructed to take measures within six months to enter into the State Register information about previously registered, reregistered and ceased their activities media.

A media is considered as registered, re-registered or ceased its activities from the day the relevant information is entered into the State Register.

The work of a media is permitted after its registration. Media outlets can be established by individuals and legal entities. The regulation notes that broadcasting organizations can be created and have a right to work only if they belong to citizens of Kyrgyzstan and (or) legal entities, who do not have foreign participation of at least 65 percent of shares in the authorized capital of a media owner.