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Interior Ministry of Yakutia to checks migrants

All areas of activity, where migrants are employed, will be checked in Yakutia (Russia). Website of the Ministry of Interior of Yakutia says.

Head of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vladimir Prokopenko, at a meeting with representatives of state bodies of Kyrgyzstan, sharply condemned the crime committed by a citizen of Kyrgyzstan against a resident of Yakutsk.

«All crimes committed by migrants are and will be under special control. Instructions were given to the police units, together with the supervisory authorities, to conduct additional total checks in all areas of immigration legislation, illegal business, passenger traffic,» he said.

Vladimir Prokopenko stressed that migrants in Yakutia must comply with the laws.

«Each of them needs to appreciate the trust, respect the Yakut people, honor their traditions, their habitual way of life, and not go beyond the framework of Russian legislation. Yakutia residents should feel safe in their republic,» he said.

A rally against migrants was held in Yakutia. It was caused by information about abduction and rape of a local woman by a group of migrants.

According to the Investigative Committee of Yakutsk, three unknown persons forced the woman to get into a car on Sunday morning. One of the suspects was detained.

Criminal case was opened on rape and abduction of a person charges. The Investigative Committee reported that the detainee pleaded guilty.