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Number of forest fires increases in Kyrgyzstan

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan urges to observe fire safety rules in nature. Press service of the ministry reports.

At least 225 fires have been registered since the beginning of March, 106 of which are facts of burning dry grass and garbage. Compared with 2018, the number increased by 32 fires. The main reason is careless handling of fire when burning garbage and dry grass.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations asks Kyrgyzstanis not to set fire to dry grass in fields and glades. Do not make a fire in a dry forest or on a moor.

If you had to make a fire, quench it with water before leaving, rake the ashes and make sure that there are no cinders.

It is forbidden to drive into the forest by cars and especially motorcycles. Sparks can cause a fire, especially in a dry forest with a lichen cover. In addition, broken glass under the influence of sunlight has an effect of a lens, which can cause a fire.

If it is impossible to extinguish a fire on your own, move to a safe place and immediately call the fire service at 101 and 112.