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Government of Kyrgyzstan not resolved phytosanitary security issues in 2018

«Government of Kyrgyzstan has not resolved phytosanitary and veterinary security issues in 2018,» the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said at an extended meeting with the heads of ministries and departments.

He drew attention to significant tasks, work on which was not completed last year.

«First of all, it is the creation of conditions for the inflow of direct investments and export of domestic goods and agricultural products. In my opinion, there is no effective coordination of the work of ministries and departments, effective interaction with business on the promotion of domestic goods to the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union. Launch of new projects within the framework of public-private partnership and investment lots, which we have been talking about for years, has been delayed. Much work needs to be done to correct errors in the subsoil use sector, especially in terms of licensing and execution of license agreements,» Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev noted.

The head of the Cabinet considered unsatisfactory the results of work on reforming the state procurement system and switch to program budget financing.

«The main task for 2019 is the qualitative implementation of the tasks outlined in the country’s development strategy 2040 and the government program. The main priorities are integrated development of the regions, digitalization of the economy and public administration. Special focus should be placed on increase of exports within EEU, attraction of investment, creation of new jobs and improvement of the efficiency of services provided to the population,» the Prime Minister said.