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Air pollution in 7th microdistrict of Bishkek lowers to permissible level

MoveGreen NGO and an activist from Almaty, Pavel Alexandrov, collected sensors for Bishkek and tied them to a map.

Average daily indicators are taken to calculate the level of pollution. The map also indicates the level of pollution online.

Data as of March 14 at 8.30.

The U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan also installed its air pollution meter in Bishkek city. The information is updated hourly.

As of 8.00 am, PM2.5 level in the area of ​​the diplomatic mission is 88 µg / m³.

According to the WHO norms, the average annual level of РМ2.5 should be not more than 10 µg / m³, and the average daily level should not exceed 25 µg / m³. According to the national legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the norm is 35 µg / m³. Exactly this standard is taken for calculations. A one-time allowable concentration, according to MoveGreen, set in the national legislation is 160 µg / m³.