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Kyrgyzstani arrested in Irkutsk Oblast of Russia for murder

A 28-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan was charged with murder in Irkutsk Oblast of Russia. Interfax reports.

According to investigators, on the night of October 28, the suspect hit the head of his former chief, a native of China, several times with a metal pipe. The incident occurred in Ust-Ilimsk town on industrial site of Trade Export LLC.

«The 24-year-old victim died of injuries at the scene. The suspect disappeared, and, after a few days, left Irkutsk Oblast,» the message says.

When inspecting the crime scene outside the enterprise, investigators found a mask and a metal pipe with traces of blood. On the eve of the murder, the accused was fired from the enterprise, and, according to him, was paid less than expected.

«Perhaps, this was the cause of hatred for the victim,» the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation reported.

The man was detained by the police in Novosibirsk city. The man was arrested and charged with murder.