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Judge Ernis Chotkaraev, who destroyed over 1,000 cases, fled to USA

Judge of Oktyabrsky District Court of Bishkek, Ernis Chotkaraev, who destroyed more than 1,000 administrative cases, fled to the United States of America. Delo №... newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper, Ernis Chotkaraev left Kyrgyzstan under the pretext of treatment abroad as far back as in September 2018.

The media outlet also notes that assistant judge Said Mombekov, following instructions from his chief, entered the office of the chairman of the court, Damirbek Nazarov, late in the evening and destroyed recordings of surveillance cameras stored in computers. Staff of the Anti-Corruption Service of the State Committee for National Security have managed to restore some of the recordings.

As the newspaper clarifies, Ernis Chotkaraev is still not only a judge of the Oktyabrsky District Court of Bishkek, but also a member of the Council of Judges of Kyrgyzstan.

The judge of Oktyabrsky District Court of the capital, Ernis Chotkaraev, who escaped from the country, destroyed 1,350 cases on administrative offenses. Lawyer Mairambek Zhumabekov told 24.kg news agency the day before.

According to him, SCNS opened a criminal case after the judge left the republic.