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Population census. Kyrgyzstanis can not refuse to submit data

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan will not be able to refuse to submit data during a population census, which will be held in 2020. The head of the Bishkek City Department of State Statistics Elmira Mambetalieva said this at a scheduled meeting in the city administration.

According to her, the entire population of the country will be taken into account during the census.

«The census is mandatory, and people cannot refuse to submit data. But you should not worry about personal information. All data will be impersonal and included into a single database. The law guarantees safety of personal information,» Elmira Mambetalieva told.

She added: the difference of this population census is that it includes separate blocks of questions concerning internal and external migration, as well as disability.

«During the census, we may face with hiding factual information about the number of residents, because people fear that in this case they will have to pay more for utilities,» the head of the department explained.

Therefore, there are several databases, including the base on the number of consumers of public services, patients of family medicine centers and etc.

«During the census of 2009, the city administration, in order to incite the citizens, raffled off an apartment,» Elmira Mambetalieva said.