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Tap water in Bishkek is safe to drink

Tap water in Bishkek is safe to drink. It complies with all norms and regulations. Deputy head of Bishkevodokanal Department, Muradin Seidaliev, said during a press tour to Bash-Kara-Suu water intake facility.

According to him, it provides the south-western part of the city with water and was opened in 2015. There are 35 water intakes in Bishkek, the largest one is Orto-Alysh. It provides more than 40 percent of residents of the capital with water.

«Bishkek is supplied with some 200,000-220,000 cubic meters of water daily. We pump water from a depth of more than 100 meters; water quality is similar to artesian one and meets all sanitary standards and technical regulations on drinking water safety and GOST. It is disinfected with chlorine,» he told.

The amount of chlorine should not exceed 0.03 grams per liter of water. A level of up to 0.05 grams per liter is considered as safe.

According to Muradin Seidaliev, experts of the enterprise take water samples at 360 control points in the capital every month. They analyze them for quality and safety in a laboratory. Checks at the water intake facility are carried out weekly.

Earlier, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study, according to which Kyrgyzstan was included in the list of countries with unsafe tap water. The list includes 187 states. Kyrgyzstan is on par with the countries of Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.