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Two Kyrgyzstanis killed in traffic accident in Moscow

Two Kyrgyzstanis were killed in a traffic accident that occurred on March 8 on Bratislavskaya Street in Moscow. A driver, also a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, was detained. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia reported.

The traffic accident occurred at about 8.00. According to Russian media, the driver lost control and the car crashed into a lamppost. Two passengers, 28-year-old woman and 30-year-old man died.

«Taxi driver, the citizen of Kyrgyzstan, has been taken into custody. The Embassy keeps in contact with his father and sister. A criminal case was opened. Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Russia took the issue under control,» the diplomatic mission noted.

It is planned to send the bodies of the deceased to Kyrgyzstan today.