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Arab side to pay for treatment of Kyrgyz archer injured in Riyadh

Royal organization Camel Club will pay for treatment of an archer from Kyrgyzstan Aslanaiym Ashirova, who was injured during a rehearsal of stuntmen at Nomad Universe festival. Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

She was hospitalized to King Saudi Medical City clinic with a fracture of the proximal part of the tibia bone.

«The athlete needs an operation, which, according to the doctors of the clinic, is scheduled for the morning of March 11. A representative of Camel Club organization confirmed that all costs associated with the operation and hospital stay would be covered at their expense. The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan is constantly in contact with the doctors and the patient,» the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed.

Recall, archer Aslanaiym Ashirova suffered the injury on March 8 during a rehearsal of Nomad Universe festival, having fallen from a horse. The World Ethnogames Confederation said that Aslanaiym Ashirova was to blame for the injury as she got on a horse without permission. The victim refuted the information, saying that, she, on the contrary, prevented a catastrophe.