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Kyrgyz archer Aslanaiym Ashirova suffers injury at festival in Riyadh

A Kyrgyz archer Aslanaiym Ashirova was injured at Nomad Universe festival. Participants of the festival posted on social networking sites.

The athlete suffered leg injury. Aslanaiym Ashirova confirmed the information on Facebook. According to the girl, she will have an operation.

The World Ethnogames Confederation said that Aslanaiym Ashirova, during a rehearsal of stuntmen of the opening ceremony, voluntarily got on a horse and suffered a leg injury.

«Previously, the participants were instructed in safety. It was repeatedly said that the people, who were not stuntmen, did not have permission to ride a horse. First aid was provided to the girl. Aslanaiym Ashirova was examined at King Saudi Medical City hospital and diagnosed with «complete fracture of the proximal part of the tibia without displacement,» the confederation reported.