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Permissible air pollution level exceeded in all districts of Bishkek

The air condition in Bishkek is a matter of concern for environmental activists and citizens.

MoveGreen NGO and an activist from Almaty, Pavel Alexandrov, collected sensors for Bishkek and tied them to a map.

Average daily indicators are taken to calculate the level of pollution. The map also indicates the level of pollution online.

Data as of March 9 at 9.30.

The U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan also installed its air pollution meter in Bishkek city. The information is updated hourly.

As of 9.00 am, PM2.5 level in the area of ​​the diplomatic mission is 106 µg / m³.

According to the WHO norms, the average annual level of РМ2.5 should be not more than 10 µg / m³, and the average daily level should not exceed 25 µg / m³. According to the national legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the norm is 35 µg / m³. Exactly this standard is taken for calculations. A one-time allowable concentration, according to MoveGreen, set in the national legislation is 160 µg / m³.