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Victims of robbery in Besh-Kungei in serious condition

Injured as a result of robbery married couple was engaged in business. Law enforcement agencies informed 24.kg news agency.

According to them, 53-year-old man and his 57-year-old wife sold mobile phones.

«They carried phones from Dubai and sold them in Bishkek. The money that was in the car was intended for purchase of goods. It is known that criminals beat the man’s head in, and the woman was shot from a traumatic pistol in the head. According to preliminary information, Subaru Forester by which the attackers crashed into the victims, is registered as hijacked,» the police informed.

Chui Regional Hospital confirmed to 24.kg news agency that the injured woman had a wound in the temporal lobe of the head.

«After tomography, she was transferred to the neurosurgery department of the National Hospital. She has a nonperforating gunshot wound in the temporal lobe of the head. Her husband is in the department of traumatology of the Chui Regional Hospital. He is conscious, he has a fracture of the bones of the skull, zygomatic bones of the face, a brain concussion. The condition of the woman is assessed as grave, the man has moderate injuries,» doctors of the hospital explained.

Unknown persons committed a robbery attack on the night of March 6 in Besh-Kungei village of Chui region. The attackers first crashed into a car, where the 53-year-old driver and his 57-year-old spouse were, and then fired at the car. The criminals took away $ 310,000 from the victims.