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Criminals kidnap and torture foreigner in Kyrgyzstan

Police officers detained a criminal group in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan that kidnapped and beat a foreigner. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

Members of the criminal group threatened the victim with death, tortured and drowned, demanding a large sum.

«A foreigner addressed the police, who asked to take action against four unknown persons, who forcibly put him in a car on the night of February 3 and, putting the bag on his head, took him in an unknown direction. In the mountains, he was severely beaten and extorted $ 5,000. Criminals tortured businessman, threatened to drown in a mountain river. They forced the victim to register them as owners of the car. They brought the entrepreneur back to the city with bag on his head and hijacked his car that cost $ 13,000,» the Interior Ministry reported.

The police identified the suspects. It turned out that the gang consisted of people with a criminal past.

«The detained 30-year-old man, native of Issyk-Kul region, previously convicted, is registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as an active member of one of the organized criminal groups; 31-year-old suspect lives in Bishkek, the third detainee is 35-year-old native of Chui region, previously convicted. All the detainees were placed in pretrial detention center. According to preliminary data, the suspects sold the car for $ 10,000, forging a letter of attorney on behalf of the owner,» the Interior Ministry reported.