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Kazakhstan’s ban on import of Kyrgyz potatoes not to affect domestic market

The ban of Kazakhstan on the import of Kyrgyz potatoes will not affect the domestic market. The Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan Nurbek Murashev said at the meeting of Respublika-Ata Jurt faction of the Parliament.

According to him, Kazakhstan is not a large consumer of Kyrgyz potatoes.

«We are exporting potatoes mainly to Uzbekistan, now it is supplied to Turkmenistan. We did not sell potatoes to Kazakhstan in large volumes, so their sanctions are not particularly noticeable. Our potatoes have a very high quality,» the minister said.

According to him, exports to Uzbekistan resumed. There are 70,000 tons of potatoes in the country. The wholesale price, depending on the grade, varies from 5.5 to 12 soms per kilogram.

On February 19, Kazakhstan imposed a ban on the import of potatoes, apples and persimmons from Kyrgyzstan.