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Kazakhstan intends to take 2 water reservoirs of Kyrgyzstan under video control

Kazakhstan intends to take two water reservoirs of Kyrgyzstan under video control. The Minister of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan Nurbek Murashev told at the meeting of Respublika — Ata Jurt faction of the Parliament.

According to him, a meeting with the delegation from Kazakhstan on the provision with irrigation water during the spring field work was held in February.

«The neighbors suggested to install video cameras on Orto-Tokoi and Kirov water reservoirs. They want to watch online the discharge of water from them. We did not agree. They left and two days later imposed a ban on the import of some products from Kyrgyzstan,» Nurbek Murashev told.

A government spokesman in the Parliament noted that the neighboring countries could not control the water reservoirs as strategic facilities.

Recall, Kazakhstan introduced a temporary ban on the import of potatoes, persimmons, apples and restrictions on meat and dairy products from Kyrgyzstan on February 19.