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U.S. Embassy installs air pollution meter in Bishkek

The U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan decided to monitor the situation and installed its air pollution meter in Bishkek city. Now, not only diplomats, but also Kyrgyzstanis can compare the situation with other capitals of the world.

According to the WHO norms, the average annual level of РМ2.5 should be not more than 10 µg / m³, and the average daily level should not exceed 25 µg / m³. According to the national legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the norm is 35 µg / m³. Exactly this standard is taken for calculations. A one-time allowable concentration, according to MoveGreen, set in the national legislation is 160 µg / m³.

At present, the level of PM2.5 in Bishkek is 62 µg / m³. In Astana, this figure is 61 µg / m³, in Beijing — 64 µg / m³.

The situation in Tashkent is much worse. The PM2.5 level there reaches 207 µg / m³, in Ulaanbaatar — 514 µg/ m³. The most favorable situation is in Ho Chi Minh city, where the level of PM2.5 is 56 µg / m³. The most unfavorable is in Dhaka — 224,056 µg / m³.