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Over 10,000 saplings to be planted in Bishkek

More than 10,000 saplings will be planted in the capital in 2019. Director of Bishkekzelenkhoz, Elnura Zholdosheva, stated at a working meeting at the Bishkek City Administration.

According to her, standard planting material from own nursery garden is used for city landscaping. The height of saplings is about 1.2-1.7 meters.

Elnura Zholdosheva noted that planting was planned on 69 streets of Bishkek and in seven parks. In addition, more than 2.2 million annual flowers will be planted in the city. They have already been sown in the greenhouses of the enterprise.

The head of Bishkekzelenkhoz added that there were three zones in the capital, each of them had its own survival ability rate. «It is up to 30 percent in the upper zone, in the middle — up to 20 percent, at the lower zone — up to 15 percent. The survival rate of standard planting material is determined by these categories,» she said.

Elnura Zholdosheva noted that at least 15,000 saplings should be planted annually to cover the landscaping needs. «This is taking into account the expansion of green territory. So far, we can plant only in existing territories,» she told.

The director of Bishkekzelenkhoz told that the city administration planned to create three new parks in the southern part of the city with a total area of ​​more than 15 hectares and to reconstruct the existing ones.