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Antimonopoly Agency recommends oil traders to reduce fuel prices

The State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency of Kyrgyzstan recommended large oil traders to reduce retail fuel prices. Press service of the organization reported.

Since the beginning of December 2018, a decrease in prices has been observed on the wholesale market of oil products in Russia. Kyrgyzstan buys fuel there. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce prices.

There is a tendency of decrease in prices for fuel and lubricants by an average of 4 percent at gas filling stations of large oil traders over the past 2 months.

«In order to preserve energy security and prevent a shortage of fuel and lubricants in the country, oil traders must have fuel and lubricant reserves. Therefore, a change in prices in the wholesale market is reflected in retail prices during a month or one and a half. At present, the republic is fully provided with fuel and lubricants, and there is no shortage,» the state agency said.