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New head of Transport Ministry demands automatic control systems in transport

The new head of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan, Zhanat Beishenov, demanded to minimize the influence of the human factor by the introduction of automatic control systems in the road facilities and transport sphere. The press service of the Ministry reported.

Zhanat Beishenov heads the commission for the prevention of corruption. At its meeting, the participants considered the issue of execution of detailed plans for the elimination of corruption risks in the field of road facilities, transport, civil aviation, on the railway.

«The minister has firmly raised the issue of ensuring implementation of measures to prevent corruption. He demanded to change attitude to the case, to ensure the impartial discharge of his duties. It is necessary to increase public confidence in the work of the ministry in 2019,» the Ministry of Transport stressed.

As a result of 2018, the Ministry of Transport and Roads turned out to be in the list of the most corrupt government agencies in the country. The new head of the Ministry of Transport was appointed at the end of January 2019.