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Children of Kyrgyz migrants get into intensive care unit of Moscow after fire

Children of migrants from Kyrgyzstan were taken to intensive care unit after a fire in Moscow (Russia). Investigators find out the circumstances of the fire. A source in law enforcement agencies informed Moscow news agency.

The fire broke out in a barrack of a construction brigade on Rodnikovaya Street on the evening of February 6. «Workers rescued two girls from the burning building. A seven-month-old baby received face and hands burns, and her three-year-old sister suffered face, ears, hands and feet burns. The children were taken to surgical resuscitation department,» the source said.

The barrack is located at Solntsevo electric engine house. Workers of the electric engine house extinguished the fire and carried the children out of the burning building. The fire, according to preliminary data, was caused by careless handling of electrical appliances.

Parents of the girls are the natives of the Kyrgyz Republic, living in Moscow.