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Kyrgyzstan has not implemented projects for $ 12 billion

According to the development strategy for 2013-2017, Kyrgyzstan could realize projects for $ 12 billion, but missed the opportunity. An economist Asylbek Ayupov announced this today at a round table discussion.

According to him, if we compare 2010 and 2019, there were no breakthroughs.

«We have nothing to boast about. There are no projects. According to the strategy for 2013-2017, the country should have implemented projects for $ 12 billion, but there is nothing. If we squander assistance, the external debt will grow to the maximum level,» said Asylbek Ayupov.

He added that China provided real assistance to Kyrgyzstan.

«Regions may be developed only on the basis of Kara-Keche deposit and construction of a railway. There are backward regions that pull the state back. Such projects as Taza Koom are needed for development. It is necessary to create a program for the development of the country. Projects should be approved by law for responsibility. We must move from fairy tales to real things and use the capabilities of our partners,» Asylbek Ayupov explained.