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Over 97 percent of young people concerned about air condition in Kyrgyzstan

The National Institute for Strategic Studies of Kyrgyzstan conducted a sociological survey among the young people on the state of the air in cities, towns and villages of Kyrgyzstan.

According to the survey results, it turned out that 97.3 percent of the young people surveyed were concerned about the air condition. Only about 17 percent of the respondents noted that the air in their cities and villages was clean.

Every fifth stressed that the air in their town or village was bad, and every fourth called the air dirty. 1.7 percent of respondents admitted that they were not worried about air pollution problem.

Young people gave their recommendations to local authorities to address air pollution problem. Among the main recommendations are greening of the territories of cities and villages, providing access to public transport, creation of conditions for cyclists, development of a comprehensive environmental program, lowering of the night tariff for electricity, and the need to measure emissions by motor transport during technical inspections.