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Modern elite housing in Bishkek to withstand 9-point earthquake

«Modern elite houses will be able to withstand 9-point earthquake,» Samat Borubaev, the Secretary of State of the State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Communal Services said at a press conference today.

According to him, a special commission checks new buildings when commissioning them. If a developer has all the documents and a permission from the state agency, then they are safe.

If objects are built without permission, we cannot be responsible for their safety and compliance with the standards.

Samat Borubaev

He told that six construction regulations were updated in 2018. Rules on the development of the Issyk-Ata fault were specified. It is stipulated that it is illegal to construct objects on it. It is allowed to construct houses not higher than two floors in 500 meters from the fault, in other 500 meters — five-storey houses. In a mile and a half from the fault, the height of the buildings depends on the project.

Bishkek has two earthquake-prone zones, but the so-called Issyk-Ata fault in the southern part of the capital is more dangerous.