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Officials, MP offer to increase fine for drunk driving in Kyrgyzstan

Fines for violation of the traffic rules must be increased. Members of the government and a deputy of the Parliament, Iskhak Pirmatov, came to this opinion.

He asked whether drivers would be deprived of their driving licenses for drunk driving. The Vice Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov replied that the new Code did not stipulate it.

«So, does it mean that one can pay 17,500 soms, drink and continue violate the rules? There are different opinions that 17,500 is too much. But even if we set a fine of 170,000 soms, it will not be enough. It is necessary to deprive such drivers of their driving licenses,» Iskhak Pirmatov said.

Zhenish Razakov agreed to increase fines for drunk driving. «We combined the penalty for smoking and spitting. We fully support you concerning other fines. They need to be raised,» he added.

Rada Tumanbaeva offered to increase the fine for drunk driving to 50,000 soms.