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Kyrgyzstan to have single fine for unbuckled seat belt

Fine for the unbuckled seat belt will have a single size in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov told at a press conference.

According to him, the interpretation of the article «Use of seat belts» was as follows: the fine for unbuckled seat belt in a city is 1,000 soms, in the countryside and on a highway — 3,000 soms.

The expert group decided that the same violation should be punished by one fine. We made amendments that there would be a single penalty for the unfastened seat belt — 1,000 soms.

Zhenish Razakov

He added that drivers would not be able to evade responsibility and refuse a medical examination for alcohol intoxication. The legislation imposes a fine of 5,500 soms, and for drunk driving — 17,500 soms.

«This contradiction needs to be eliminated. The driver, being aware that he is drunk and refusing the examination, will also pay a fine of 17,500 soms,» Zhenish Razakov expalined.