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Kyrgyzstan plans to prohibit naming alcohol after heroes of Manas epic

It is proposed to prohibit naming alcohol and tobacco products after the heroes of Manas epic in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy of the Parliament Tazabek Ikramov submitted relevant amendments to the Law on Manas epic for public discussion.

As a background statement says, the trilogy occupies a special place among the world’s masterpieces and is a unique epic heritage of the Kyrgyz people.

The use of the names of national heroes in naming alcohol and tobacco products is a veiled replacement of the image of a product harmful to health with a positive well-known personality that has authoritative significance for citizens, customers and consumers.

«Naming of alcohol and tobacco products changes the ideology of young people and does not carry educational goals. To exclude such a moral and unfair influence on the minds of customers, it is proposed to prohibit the use of the names of national heroes in naming of alcoholic beverages, especially the positive characters of the Manas epic,» the document says.

Kyrgyzstan produces brandies named after the heroes of Manas epic, and even vodka «Manas» appeared recently.